Friday, 11 September 2009

Rock-a-bye Baby!

Sick of listening to the tuneless sound of your baby's cot mobile whilst trying to get them to sleep?
Looking to educate your little one from a young age on what 'good' music really is?

Look no further than Rockabye Baby! Lullaby CD's, tuneful for your ears, yet soothing for babies!
This great little concept offers you a wide range of your favourite songs for some great artists, the only twist being they've been altered from timeless classics in to instrumental lullabies, guitars and drums have been swapped for mellotron and bells.

Now, I know you might be a little suspicious, how can this possibly sound good? - I admit I was too!

Give it a chance though (atleast out of curiosity) and listen to a few tracks. Choose to hear some sample Beatles tracks, AC/DC or Rolling Stones and you're sure to be converted.
Other than the 3 mentioned above, we sell a huge range of Rockabye Baby! cd's including; Coldplay, Greenday, Queen, Pink Floyd and Radiohead to name a few. Find the full range here.

A great all round gift for you and your little cherub!

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