Friday, 4 September 2009

Quiksilver Sneakers (and coats, hoodies and tees!)

Quiksilver sneakers is the latest line we've added to our always expanding range of Quiksilver stock. These trainers couldn't be more perfect for that all out 'skater kid' look, with the Quiksilver design panelling and a choice of black or white laces (spare white laces come in the box).

We've got loads of new Quiksilver Youth clothes for boys that you can team up with Quiksilver sneakers. Our Quiksilver winter coats for boys are great for back to school, they're waterproof and lined with Quiksilvers signature polar lining which makes them excellent at keeping kids warm in the coldest of weather. Our wide selection of Quiksilver hoodies and long sleeved tees are great for a smart casual look for your kids too.

See our website, for a wide selection of Quiksilver Youth clothes for boys. (Don't forget we also stock Quiksilver Baby too!)

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