Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Summer Jackets for Girls

So, we all know that this good weather can't last forever. In fact as I look out of the window (in the North East of England) there are some ominious clouds and the unmistakable rumble of thunder. A perfect time to introduce you to a couple of our gorgeous girls summer jackets.

First off we've got a gorgeous bright pink spotted, lightweight summer jacket for young girls. And just incase the good old British Summer turns out to be as predicatable as ever it's waterproof with a hood!

Our other favourite, for a classic young girl look is this Navy French Connection Linen Jacket. It's double breasted buttons add a lovely grown up touch whilst the 'swing' style keeps it young and fun. Being linen, it's really light and comfortable, perfect for taking abroad.

We'll be adding our new Autumn range shortly including some lovely autumn jackets for girls. We'll keep you posted....

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